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    Which group of the following is you?

    A) You’re enormously focused, and ready to get through any kind of barriers, and of course you’re the person who always keeps New Year’s resolutions. Well, maybe till Spring… Impossible is nothing, you feel totally brand new at the moment you started the year, no matter if you need to get trough difficult tasks at work. Keywords for 2018 are ‘unstoppable’ and ‘ambitious’. Hard work is your lifestyle, and at the end of the day you need nothing but a creamy latte and an admiring handshake.

    B) Here we go again… Yes, it is already January. You can’t get out of the bed, you’re always late from work. What is New Year’s Resolution? It can be anything, you say, if you can pour coffee in it. Wow… another year to be successful, healthy and full of happiness… God, who has the energy for this? You. Even if you’re currently thinking about your bed on the way to work. But before you arrive, nothing could stop you to finally start your day with a fresh, hot coffee. Or even a latte macchiato? Ready? I can see you’re already smiling. 🙂

    We thought about these things, when we made Caramel-Orange Latte Macchiato for you:

    – Pampering caramel for group ‘A’
    – Refreshing orange for group ‘B’
    – Latte macchiato for everyone!


    Your favourite café, California Coffee Company, now at 5 different sites in Budapest, so you’re never too far away from fresh morning coffee and your daily refreshments.

    Come and see us: there’s always a spot for you here!

    Enjoy the rat-race of the city from a cozy armchair, and to complement your favourite coffee, choose from our selection of cakes and muffins (now available in sugar-free, flour-free and glucose-free versions), our paleo sweets, fruits and freshly-baked sandwiches. Have your favourite coffees to go, and take away the most delicious treats of the city!

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