A stylish way to take away your coffee or tea – NEW Spring & Summer Thermoses   Our new thermoses have dressed up for the Spring & the Summer, so your favourite hot coffee or tea will always be by your side. Straight from California Coffee Company!  
    Coffee beans   If you do not have time to sit into our café, buy coffee beans and take ’California feeling’ home. You can choose them with or without caffeine.  
    Syrups   Choose your favorite syrup so you can impress your family or your friends with a tasty latte macchiato at any time.  


    If you like the mug which you drink your coffee from, buy one for home, too! If you ask for a take-away coffee regularly and you always want your drink hot, a practical solution is a thermos or a heat storage mug. Mugs are available in 4 and 5 dl size in the city’s trendiest colors.


    Frosty Coffee Frappe  

    We are waiting for you for a delightful autumn coffee or hot caramel!


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    Mango Maracuja Cake!    


    Our new favorite, with real summer flavors, the Mangos Maracujás Cake!

    Try it yourself too!


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    NEW! Salte Caramell Cake  

    The Salted Caramell Cake is New in California Coffee Company, but We think it’s useless,

    Come and taste it!

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      Sós Karamellás Torta